mastiff welpen hundezucht

Hi, my name is Vanessa and I live with my husband Dennis and our four wonderful children in Lower Saxony, Nienburg area, near the Steinhuder Meer.

The desire for my own breeding has been in my heart since my childhood. But I knew it needed space, time and above all the right environment.

So now, 2021/2022, is the right time for me and above all, only now have I found the perfect breed for me and my family. The wonderful mastiff.

I have had dogs of all breeds since I was a child and they were all great and I loved them very much.

However, through our Bella (my first mastiff), which we brought to us in April 2021, I have now found out what a perfect dog is for me.

I am just so fascinated by this breed, by this dreamlike nature and this gentle and calm balance. That’s why I decided to make my childhood dream come true and to build up my own kennel with full dedication and passion.

Our dogs are full family members and live with us in an intact family unit and we share our house, the couch, the bed and the garden with them, which they can use without restrictions.

Dog kennels are absolutley no option for us !

Breeding healthy Mastiffs with a strong character is important to me, which is why we only breed dogs that complete the necessary health examinations without any problems.